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Sea Creatures - Susanna Daniel This is largely a book that hinges on the wide variety of emotions that are involved in parenthood and marriage. I can’t relate on that level (for not having the proper life experiences) but I was able to appreciate the honesty of the emotions and the quality of the storytelling.

The tone was very conversational. One could believe that you were listening to the narrator telling this story from her own experience, which makes feeling empathetic unavoidable. This was complemented by the overall flow. The story was often interrupted by some anecdote from her past, or a quick reference to the future. There are long sections of slow introspection following by a quick succession of events which is reminiscent of the perception of time in ones memory.

Parents will be able to get into this book more easily than I did, but anyone should be captured by the story.

I won an ARC from Goodreads.