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Bronoff's Rules

Bronoff’s Rules - Nao  Hauser This book is billed as a comic novel (it is printed on the cover, in fact) and for the first 100 pages or so I thought I just didn’t get the joke but then every time I thought back to a conversation or event I caught myself grinning at the ridiculousness of the whole thing. The book allows you to get caught up in any of the character’s personal struggles, through their perspective, but it really shines when you take a step back and look at the events through omniscient eyes. The story easily held my attention all the way through.

What I enjoyed most was the characters. They were mostly ridiculous caricatures and they all swayed back and forth across the likability line. The author has a knack for allowing the reader to root for a character on one page, and wish them a horrible demise on the next. My emotions were a pendulum all the way through, and to me it doesn't really matter where they landed in the end because the ride was worthwhile.

On content alone, this easily deserves 4 stars, but for me the writing wasn’t enticing enough. Sometimes, I caught myself rereading a small section because I though I missed a word somewhere. Even for something that is supposed to be funny, I like to have a bit more elegance in the prose but that is more of a personal preference and I would still recommend this and would probably buy future novels by Ms. Hauser.